Real Love 3

Hello everyone, our next artistic models It will range as day makeup, night make-up, and special day makeup

You can record what you like by examining these models.
Apart from that; You can write the comments you want to forward in the comments section.

One of the most important elements in these makeup models is the quality of your make-up materials and the way you apply them.
To keep its permanence at a high rate, you need to use
water-based makeup materials and analyze your skin well;

1- Dry skin
2- Oily skin
3- Combination skin
4- Injured or pimpled skin (stained)
5- Others vary with skin color; Fair skin, such as brunette, brown, wheat skin and blonde vb.

A little bit ;
Make sure your skin is clean and moisturize before you make a majag.
I wish you nice and healthy days. <3